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Friends since middle school, Grant & Jordan started their joint DJ/production venture in the summer of 2011. Since then, they have gained a lot of experience and have put together a product that is hard to out do. Ultra Nexus is their latest venture and has been the focus for the past year and half. A lot has gone into producing shows for this brand and in their minds it is the closest thing to a national style performance. Lighting, sound, and the quality you get from them is top notch and have gotten nothing but positive feedback since day 1. They were both in fraternities at Auburn so we work well with our biggest customers, sororities and fraternities. Their creative and technical backgrounds help them out a ton throughout year and allow them to come up with new ideas and solve problems as they come up.
MiSSPortrat Austin
Austin Tynes is from Birmingham, AL. In high school he ran sound for many churches, theatres and schools all over the city. Upon coming to Auburn University he transitioned into the DJ scene. Since then he has worked with names like: Waka Flocka Flame, Trinidad James, Dem Franchise Boyz, and Mike Fresh. He excel is Top 40 and trap mixing. Austin always shows up ready for a good time.
mp John
As a DJ, John AKA DJ Dreamweaver has been described in many ways. But Aggressive, Innovative, and Cutting Edge are the 3 best ways to describe his style. After 15 years in the industry, Dreamweaver has made a name for himself by remaining ahead of the game in not only his choice of music, but with the way he plays it as well. With long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into the next, Dreamweaver has the ability to take control of the dance floor, and to energize the crowd.
Rob Evers is a native of Baker, FL with a rich entertainment background. He got his start in television production, which quickly led to live sound production and eventually DJ and VJ roles across the Southeast. He has been with the Trance Team since 2013.

Todd Woods showed interest in music and performing from an early age, performing in various bands with family and then friends all through his school years. At 16 he began making mix tapes for friends and family which eventually led him to DJing dance clubs and karaoke parties around the Montgomery / Dothan / Panama City area. Putting in his time on the club circuit he was referred to Paul Alexander through a friend and now is exclusive through Music Garden. Many years of experience have made Todd a versatile DJ who can handle any occasion and style. From weddings, receptions, live sound support, college, raves and mixers all the way to kids and karaoke. Todd can do it all.

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